head strap for pico 4

GEEKVR Facial Interface & Head Strap for Pico 4

$55.99 $35.99
  • Elite or Halo? Both!
  • Ultra comfort without pressure on your face
  • Simplify your wearing way, save your valuable time
  • Strong magnets, easy to install and uninstall
  • Two face cushions + Two head cushions
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses
  • Compatible with both the original glass spacer and headphones
  • Protect your hair style

Style: Facial Interface + Head Strap

Facial Interface + Head Strap
Facial Interface (2 cushions)
Head Strap (2 cushions)
10mm PU Cushion
16mm PU Cushion
10mm Silk Cushion
16mm Silk Cushion

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Product Description
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Introducing the GEEKVR facial interface and head strap for Pico 4, our latest and greatest innovation ever.

  • Experience the comfort and versatility of the GEEKVR facial interface for PICO 4. 
  • Explore the innovation of the GEEKVR facial interface, breaking barriers between elite and halo. 
  • Experience a broader FOV, enhancing clarity. With two cushions – one crafted from silk and the other from leather – indulge in two distinct experiences. 
  • Customized bracket with open gap and ample space for the nose, ensuring zero pressure and maximum comfort. 
  • With a head strap similar to Quest Pro but significantly more comfortable.
  • Changeable cushion via Velcro for enhanced hygiene. 
  • Compatible with the original glass spacer.
  • Ventilation vents to prevent fogging.
  • Customized full light blocker.
  • Headphone compatible. 

Our Quest Pro-style halo strap offers three different wearing styles: 

  1. Elite Style: You can wear only the facial interface with the cushion material of your choice, whether it be silk or leather. 
  2. Halo Style: Wear the facial interface along with the halo strap. This style is reminiscent of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. 
  3. Halo Strap + Facial Interface with Removed Cushion: This option minimizes light leakage and keeps the interface from touching your face. It's especially comfortable for people who experience itching and want to avoid scratching their faces. 

These different wearing styles cater to various preferences:

  • The first style is perfect for those who prefer an elite look.
  • The second style is ideal for those who love the Quest 2 halo wearing experience.
  • The third style is suitable for hardcore users who seek the utmost comfort without facial contact.

Choose the perfect accessory for your Pico 4 from our wide range: 

  1. "Premium Comfort" Set: Includes a facial interface and head strap, providing maximum comfort and refined style. Each set contains two face cushions and two head cushions, made from high-quality leather and silk for added comfort.

  2. "Elite" Facial Interface: This set consists of two exclusive cushions, made from a combination of leather and silk, offering exceptional comfort and durability.

  3. "Stylish" Head Strap: Includes two cushions made from high-quality leather and silk, ensuring convenience and elegance during use. This head strap is designed for use exclusively in combination with the facial interface, enhancing the overall VR experience by ensuring a seamless fit and maximum comfort. 

  4. 10mm PU-Leather Cushion: Made from premium PU leather, this cushion provides exceptional comfort and easy maintenance.

  5. 16mm PU-Leather Cushion: A thicker version of our PU leather cushion, offering increased comfort for extended use.

  6. 10mm Silk Cushion: Combining softness and elegance, this silk cushion is perfect for providing extra comfort.

  7. 16mm Silk Cushion: Offers a thicker layer of luxurious silk for exceptional comfort during long VR sessions.

Questions & Answer

1. Why choose Geekvr?

Exceptional Quality: Our VR accessories are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee durability and top-tier performance.

Innovative Solutions: Geekvr leads the way in VR accessory innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to enhance your VR experience. Our comfortable head strap for Quest 2 and groundbreaking facial head strap for Pico 4 exemplify our dedication to innovation.

Global Reach: As an online global brand, our products are easily accessible to customers worldwide. This means you can enjoy our premium VR accessories no matter where you are.

Unmatched Comfort: Our Quest 2 head strap offers unparalleled comfort, enabling extended VR sessions without discomfort. Additionally, the unlimited power feature ensures uninterrupted immersion in your virtual world without battery life concerns.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your satisfaction above all else. Our products are meticulously designed with your needs in mind, and our responsive customer support team is always on hand to assist with any inquiries or concerns.

In summary, Geekvr is your preferred choice for high-quality, cutting-edge VR accessories that elevate your virtual reality experience. Join our community of delighted customers and enhance your VR adventures today.

2. How long does it take to deliver?

On average it takes 7-15 business days for the order to arrive. However, some major holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's day; there will be some delivery delays to all international destinations. However we send all international parcels via a tracked express shipping service so vou will be able to check on the progress of your order while in transit.

3. What are the benefits of Geekvr Products?

Superior Comfort: Our products are meticulously designed to prioritize user comfort. Whether it's our head straps or facial interfaces, you can anticipate a comfortable fit for extended VR sessions.

Innovative Engineering: Geekvr is renowned for pushing the boundaries of VR accessory design. Our innovative features, including extended gameplay with unlimited power, distinguish our products from the competition.

Outstanding Build Quality: Quality is our utmost priority. Our products are constructed to endure, ensuring that you maximize your investment in VR accessories.

Enhanced Performance: Geekvr products are engineered to enhance the performance of your VR headset. Whether it's improved weight distribution or enhanced visuals, you can anticipate an elevated VR experience.

Global Availability: As an online global brand, Geekvr products are accessible to customers across the globe. Regardless of your location, you can reap the benefits of our top-tier VR accessories.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We take immense pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our responsive customer support team is always prepared to assist you with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter.

Continuous Innovation: We consistently innovate and introduce new products to remain at the forefront of VR technology advancements. When you choose Geekvr, you're choosing products that keep you on the cutting edge.

Extended Gameplay: Our products, such as the unlimited power head strap, provide extended battery life, enabling you to enjoy lengthier VR sessions without interruptions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Just the ticket

Fantastic bit of kit, it's really made a difference in comfort. I spent many hours in vr over the weekend and had major issues with the fir of the original padding.

This is like night and day and I can happily spend 4 hours with the unit my face.

Very happy indeed

Petrina Bob
Bestes Cover!

Das ist das beste Cover für die Pico! Kauft euch nur dieses, und sonst von keinem anderen Hersteller! Vertraut mir einfach, das war jetzt mein 4ter Versuch ein vernünftiges Cover zu finden. Ich war total am verzweifeln weil ständig meine Nase am Gehäuse angetatscht hat. Oder wen ich nach oben gucke mir das Plastik auf dem Gesicht aufliegt! Kauft ich dieses, und ihr seid wunschlos glücklich.

Alex Gaming
This is a master setup for Pico 4, and the best head strap for Pico 4

This product is absolutely amazing! It offers the most innovative and comfortable VR accessories and head strap for the Pico 4. I love it so much and use it every day! I have never seen VR accessories like this before. The modular design makes it possible for me to wear either the Elite or Halo when I prefer. I highly recommend it.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
All Things Pico
Comfortable and stable for everyday use!

Experience comfort with a design that eliminates any discomfort. Strong magnets ensure effortless attachment and detachment. There are two face cushions and two head cushions included. Immerse yourself in a wider field of view and enhanced clarity. The custom-designed gasket comes with an open gap, catering to all nose shapes and sizes and ensuring a fit without any pressure. Stay fog-free and crystal clear thanks to carefully placed ventilation vents. A full light blocker ensures no external distractions. The facial interface is also compatible with the original glass spacer.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Surprisingly good quality and comfortable, better than other accessories I have

I really like the concept, and I'm glad that Geekvr made it happen! I have posted a review of it on YouTube, which you can check out.

If you're looking for a comfortable experience, I highly recommend getting the head strap. It simplifies the way you wear the Pico 4 and provides much more convenience and comfort. The installation is super easy, and the plastic is of high quality, so you don't have to worry about breaking it. As advertised, I can finally choose between the halo or elite strap as I wish. Thank you Geekvr for this innovative product.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder