5 Best PICO 4 Accessories In 2024

5 Best PICO 4 Accessories In 2024

Ever felt the frustration when your virtual reality experience falls short due to discomfort, low battery, or blurriness? I've been there, watching my precious tech succumb to the elements – and my clumsiness. That's why I ventured into the world of VR accessories. In this exploration, we unveil the must-have accessories for Pico 4 in 2024, setting the stage for an immersive and seamless experience.

Review Methodology

While on my mission to discover 2024's must-have Pico 4 accessories, I got up close and personal with them. I have tested them monthly, and most of them are my daily driver. I compared them for comfort, quality, and disadvantages after using the accessories, and ease of use in daily life. Such exhaustive tech trials offered up an unambiguous snapshot: which accessories genuinely answer the call of duty when we want to use the Pico 4 VR headset without interruption for 3 - 6 hours.

5 Best PICO 4 Accessories In 2024

Here are the 5 best PICO 4 accessories in 2024:

  1. Geekvr Face Cover and Head Strap for Pico 4

Geekvr's Face Cover and Head Strap Combo for Pico 4 is not just an accessory; it's a game-changer. This combo has an innovative modular design that can transform your Pico 4 into a Quest Pro-style headset, a VR accessory we have never seen before. This innovative design prevents the headset from pushing too much weight on your face, ensuring superior comfort even during extended usage, especially when playing VR games for more than 2 hours. If you prefer the elite style, you can easily remove the head strap. With this setup (Geekvr Combo + Bobovr Battery pack), I can play my favorite PICO 4 the whole day without feeling any discomfort on my head.

Pico 4 head strap geekvr

The face cover and head strap combo have a modular structure. The two parts can be easily connected into a whole part. Without the head strap, you will wear your Pico 4 in elite design, but after connecting the head strap, you will wear it in Quest Pro halo style. Both face cover and head strap are well-made from high-quality plastic and very soft PU leather. I noticed the magnets in the facial interface are also stronger than any other face cover I have tried before, ensuring a simple and easy installation of the face cover. Due to its Velcro design, you can also easily change the cushion between PU leather and cloth cushion to better suit your comfort or change to a thin cushion for a better FOV. The face cover also provides ventilations on the two sides, ensuring no foggy experience on your lens.

Crafted with precision and a keen eye for user comfort, this Geekvr face cover and head strap ensure prolonged VR sessions without compromising on coziness. The hypoallergenic material provides a soft touch against your skin, while its ergonomic design minimizes pressure points, making it the go-to choice for VR enthusiasts.


  • Super Comfortable Wearing Experience, No Pressure on your face.
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain for hassle-free VR adventures.
  • Bigger FOV, no fogging.
  • Changeable cushion via Velcro for high hygiene.
  • Compatible with the original glass spacer.
  • Customized full light blocker.
  • Does not touch or give pressure if you have a big nose.


  • Not all people find they suit the Quest Pro style head strap.
  1. Bobovr Twin Battery Upgrade Combo

VR headsets have a known issue with their battery. BOBOVR offers an upgrade for the Pico 4 head strap with its Twin Battery Upgrade Combo, providing an additional 2-4 hours of usage for your VR headset.

The BOBOVR Pico 4 Two-Battery Combo includes two magnetic B2 batteries with 5200 milliamp-hours each. The combo also features a battery charging station, a short USB Type-C cable, and a long USB Type-C cable. The batteries are designed for the Pico 4 VR headset, providing a convenient and efficient way to extend playtime by allowing users to swap batteries easily during use. The charging station offers a hassle-free way to charge the batteries when not in use.

Like I talked about above, I personally prefer to use the BOBOVR battery extension combo with the Geekvr head strap, which provides me the maximum comfort, and I can play VR headset the whole day without feeling any physical pain on my head and face.


  • Extended Playtime, each battery extends about 2 hours of usage time.
  • Magnetic Connection, easy swap battery.
  • Battery Charging Station.
  • USB Type-C Cables, flexibility for different charging needs.


  • Price. The combo is priced at 70 - 90 USD, which might be relatively expensive compared to other charging solutions, potentially impacting the overall cost of enhancing the Pico 4 VR experience.
  1. ZyberVR Elite Headstrap with TPU Cushion

Zyber introduces an elite-style head strap for the Pico 4, offering an affordable and comfortable alternative to enhance the virtual reality (VR) experience. Priced around 30 USD, the Zyber Elite Style Head Strap presents a budget-friendly option compared to the Bobo VR P4. However, the material and concept of the product should not cost much when compared with the Bobovr battery combo. The packaging is straightforward, lacking overt branding, but Zyber is subtly integrated, with the company name hidden under the rear pad. The installation process is relatively simple, involving fitting the rear pad securely over the cushion and attaching the top strap by removing and then refitting the facial interface.

The Zyber head strap provides a well-balanced and professional-looking enhancement to the Pico 4. Its top strap, adequately padded for comfort, complements the headset's styling seamlessly. While lacking some of the features found in more expensive alternatives, such as the Bobo VR P4, the Zyber Elite Style Head Strap offers a practical solution for those seeking enhanced comfort during VR sessions without the added weight of extra batteries. The option to use a cable and an external battery in a pocket provides flexibility for users concerned about the Pico 4's battery life. Overall, at a reasonable price point, the Zyber Elite Style Head Strap caters to users looking for improved comfort and aesthetics in their VR experience.


  • Affordability, simple concept.
  • Comfortable back part.


  • Limited comfort improvement but also not cheap.
  • Notable Comparison to Premium Alternatives: While offering affordability, the Zyber Elite Style Head Strap might not match the premium quality and features of more expensive options, such as the BoboVR Twin Battery Upgrade Combo.
  1. Pico 4 Prescription Lenses from VR Wave

VR wave offers convenient prescription lenses designed specifically for the Pico 4 virtual reality headset. These lenses are equipped with magnets at the back, allowing seamless installation onto the original lenses of the Pico 4. The package includes two prescription lenses tailored to the user's vision, ensuring a sharp and clear visual experience while using the headset. In addition to the lenses, the package features a stylish pouch for storage, a branded lens cloth for cleaning, lens wipes for maintenance, and discount cards 

for potential cost savings. VR wave provides optional enhancements such as a blue light filter and anti-glare coating, offering users the flexibility to customize their VR experience based on individual preferences.

For individuals who frequently change headsets, the VR wave prescription lenses prove to be a valuable investment, eliminating the need to adjust glasses within the facial interface of different VR devices. The user emphasizes the ease of installation, highlighting that the lenses simply attach to the original lenses of the Pico 4 without the need for additional accessories. Whether engaging in VR gaming or immersive experiences, these lenses provide a comfortable and clear visual solution, contributing to an enjoyable and hassle-free virtual reality experience. Overall, VR wave's prescription lenses for Pico 4 receive a positive recommendation for their quality, functionality, and the optional features that cater to various user preferences.


  • Seamless Installation.
  • Customized Visual Experience.
  • Optional Enhancements: VR wave provides optional features such as a blue light filter and anti-glare coating, allowing users to personalize their VR experience and mitigate potential issues like blue light exposure.


  • Pricing Variability.
  • Limited Compatibility.
  1. AMVR Facial Interface and 3–In-1 Headstrap

The AMVR Facial Interface for Pico 4 provides a solution to the significant light leakage issue experienced with the standard facial interface. Designed with a polyurethane leather material, it offers a substantial improvement in reducing light leakage, although a small vertical band may still be noticeable in very dark scenes. The side profile distinguishes it from the original Pico interface, featuring a design with plastic running almost top to bottom and minimal padding on top. While the thinness allows for a wider field of view, the user notes that it may press against the face, particularly the nose and forehead, potentially impacting comfort. Despite these considerations, the AMVR Facial Interface is priced at around $36, making it a practical option for users seeking to enhance their Pico 4 VR experience and mitigate light leakage issues.


  • Light Leakage Improvement.
  • Wider Field of View.
  • Easy Installation.


  • Comfort Concerns: Some users report that the thinness of the interface may lead to discomfort, with potential pressure on the nose and forehead, especially during extended use.
  • Not Complete Light Elimination.
  • Subjective Fit.

However, despite having tested various products, my preferred and daily go-to setup consists of the GeekVr Face Cover and Head Strap combined with the Bobovr upgrade battery combo, which provides me with the best comfort and a simple way to use the Pico 4 headset. With this setup, I can continuously watch several movies and play games. I can immerse myself in the VR and AR world for the entire day without feeling any discomfort. It also makes me think that the original Pico 4 should be designed this way.


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