Introducing the GEEKVR Facial Interface & Halo Strap for Pico 4: Elevate Your VR Experience with Dual Pairs Breathable Cushions, Customized Compatibility, and Unparalleled Comfort

Geekvr, a leading innovator in the virtual reality (VR) industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest groundbreaking product, the GEEKVR Facial Interface & Halo Strap for Pico 4. Designed to revolutionize the way users experience VR, this innovative accessory combines comfort, compatibility, and cutting-edge features to enhance your Pico 4 VR headset experience like never before.

The GEEKVR Facial Interface for Pico 4 is a versatile accessory that offers a range of benefits to VR enthusiasts. Equipped with two dual breathable face cushion pads, users can choose between a premium PU leather cushion pad or a soft synthetic silk cushion pad, each measuring 0.7" in size. These cushions provide exceptional comfort and hygiene, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable VR gaming experience. Additionally, the easy-clean feature allows users to effortlessly maintain cleanliness and share the excitement with friends and family.

One of the standout features of the GEEKVR Facial Interface is its expandable construction to a halo head strap. By simply converting the facial interface with one click, users can transform their VR experience with added support and balance. (Note: Halo head strap sold separately). This gravity balance design provides a seamless and comfortable fit, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world.

To further enhance the VR experience, the GEEKVR Facial Interface features a light-blocking design with ventilation. The snug fit of the interface prevents unwanted light from spilling in, while the strategically placed airflow vents ensure the escape of warm, moist air, reducing lens fogging and sweat accumulation.

The GEEKVR Facial Interface boasts a strong magnetic connection that guarantees stability and reliability when integrated with the Pico 4 VR headset. Users can enjoy intense gaming sessions and workouts without worrying about the interface detaching or losing connection.

Each GEEKVR Facial Interface set for Pico 4 includes a facial interface bracket, a silicone nose pad, a PU leather cushion pad, a synthetic silk cushion pad, and black stickers for blocking light for two open holes. This comprehensive 4-in-1 set provides everything users need to elevate their comfort and performance while using the Pico 4 VR headset.

In addition to the Facial Interface, Geekvr is also introducing the GEEKVR Halo Strap for Pico 4. This accessory offers an alternative wearing style for the Pico 4 VR headset. With its unique gravity balance design, the Halo Strap provides extra support and balance, ensuring a pressure-free and comfortable fit for extended periods of VR usage. The Halo Strap includes two breathable head cushion pads, featuring a premium PU leather cushion pad and a soft synthetic silk cushion pad, both measuring 0.47" in size. These cushion pads offer versatility and hygiene, enhancing the overall VR experience and allowing users to share the joy with others.

The GEEKVR Halo Strap is designed for easy removable top flip, enabling users to effortlessly wear and remove the strap as desired, providing a convenient and flexible VR experience. The complete 3-in-1 set includes a halo head strap bracket, a PU leather cushion pad, and a synthetic silk cushion pad, ensuring users have everything they need for extended gaming sessions and intense workouts with their Pico 4 VR headset.

Geekvr continues to lead the way in delivering innovative products that enhance the VR experience, and the GEEKVR Facial Interface & Halo Strap for Pico 4 is no exception. With its dual breathable cushions, customized compatibility, light-blocking design, and unparalleled comfort, Geekvr is taking virtual reality to new heights.