Announcement: Free Pico 4 Facial Strap for Backers and Previous Supporters

Announcement: Free Pico 4 Facial Strap for Backers and Previous Supporters

Since we released the Pico 4 facial interface and halo strap over half a year ago, we have received many feedbacks. We underestimated the difficulty of combining two parts and achieving force balance, and we were too rushed to push out the final product before the new year timeline. Based on these feedbacks, we worked for another 4 months to figure out the force balance of the headset. We are now thrilled to announce that we are offering a facial strap (facial interface and halo strap) for free.

The Pico 4 head strap is the result of almost a year of research and our best innovation yet. In addition to its comfortable and ergonomic design, it features a modular design and is the culmination of our knowledge of force balance and Newtonian Mechanics.

We chose a difficult mechanical structure but a much simpler approach to making a quality head strap for Pico 4!

On the other hand, our founder has invested and lost more than $40,000 dealing with the manufacturing, shipment, and retail issues with this product. We heavily invested in crazy ideas in VR, just like we did for the Quest 2 in the past. We couldn't let this great idea end at that point. We hope we can finally execute the idea and bring the expected quality product to the table. There was a moment when we almost wanted to give up, but we rethought about the whole thing. We just didn't want to let you all down and the Geekvr name. We have only two members in our team, and our founder had to do a part-time job to finance the project in the past three months.

Based on the above, we want to share a solution for our backers and previous supporters:

To our dear Kickstarter backers and those who made an online purchase from, if you previously hadn't requested a refund but now want to upgrade to the latest version, we can give you the product for free. However, in order to give the product to people who really need it and so that we don't lose too much money and can still continue manufacturing the product, we ask for $9.9 USD for shipment (we will not use UPS anymore as one UPS package costs us more than $30!). The payment for the shipment can be completed through this link: For backers who have donated to us, we will send the product completely free of charge. If you have already received a refund, we would like to offer you a 20% off coupon if you decide to purchase it again. Please kindly submit the recall form through this link:

We realized that failure is normal, but we really learned a lot from our past experience. It's been a great learning opportunity for Geekvr members and Geekvr has been reborn from this experience.

We hope these above actions will help regain trust in us and help us build the Geekvr brand.

Geekvr is a family-owned, small, and young business. We are committed to making a positive impact in the world.



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