Introducing Geekvr and Its Products Q2 Pro and B2 Pro

Introducing Geekvr and Its Products Q2 Pro and B2 Pro

A new brand with a new, lightweight halo head strap, featuring magnetic hot swappable and well-designed vr battery for Quest2.

Here comes a new brand, Geekvr, which is focused on VR and AR. Its intent is to make VR and AR better by making different nice accessories to support a better VR and AR using experiences.

As you all know, VR and AR have become more and more popular these days, but there are few suitable battery head straps for the VR and AR markets, especially if you want to stay a little longer and comfortable in the VR and AR world. Geekvr introduced 2 new products this year in September, the Geekvr Q2 Pro and Geekvr B2 Pro.

Geekvr Q2 Pro features a magnetic hot swappable battery B2 Pro, which is well and beautifully designed as an extra power source for Quest2. Just put the battery on the back holder of the head strap, the battery will immediately emit a ‘Di’ sound when it connects to your VR headset, and it starts to charge your device. The magnetic quick-release battery design lets you control if you need an additional battery life. Having two or more battery packs means an unlimited battery life. The battery itself is very light and only weighs 120g. And the battery has an additional Type-C port which can be used as a mini power bank to charge other portable devices.

It is a halo style head strap and it gives a very comfortable wearing experience. It lets you wear a VR device on your head just like wearing a hat, no more pressure and pain on your face. Once you have tried the halo style, you can not go back to the elite head strap.The Geekvr Q2 Pro uses advanced and checked lithium polymer technology to build the battery, safety is better guaranteed when gaining extra energy for playing. It has a massive 5000mAh, which can extend the using time of Quest2 by 2 hours. Under 5V voltage, 2.6A max charging current can keep the Quest2 charged without losing power. 

Any time ready to jump into the VR world? With the new Geekvr Q2 Pro, no waiting for charging time anyone. It is tailored made for Quest2, and it is ready for you to play once you open the box.

Geekvr Q2 Pro and B2 Pro are designed to minimize their impact on the environment, including clean and simple design, minimum material used in manufacturing.


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